WayLink Scanner
WayLink Scanner
The Way Link Scanner is a convenient accessory for WayAround that makes it fast and easy to scan WayTags. Continuous scanning lets you quickly scan one WayTag after another, while keeping your phone hands-free! It connects to the WayAround app on...
WayAround Laundry Starter Pack
The Laundry Starter Pack contains WayTag 2-hole buttons plus a blind-friendly sewing kit—everything you need to get started tagging your clothing with WayAround. Here’s what’s included: 25 WayTag 2-hole buttons 6 Self-threading needles in assorted sizes Invisible thread that won’t melt...
WayAround Kitchen Starter Pack
Our Kitchen Starter Pack includes a total of 200 WayTag™ stickers, magnets, and WayClips™—everything you need to get tagging items in your pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator. All types of WayTag products connect wirelessly to the WayAround mobile app, linking physical...
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