Rosie Reminder Voice Reminders talking alarm clock personalized voice reminders

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Memory Aid Device That Seniors and Caregivers Use
  • Easy to use talking alarm clock
  • Personalized voice reminders.
  • Set 25 personalized voice reminders in any language by day, week, date or even annually
  • Assistive living device for the visually impaired 
  • Can be operated almost entirely by voice
  • Doubles as voice-activated alarm clock with large LED display

Reminder Rosie, say 'Hello Reminder Rosie' to wake her up and say 'Set Time,' 'Set Date' or 'Help'. Once the time and date are set, wake up Rosie and say 'Record Reminder'. With Reminder Rosie, you can record and set up to 25 personalized living reminders by day, week, date or annually. Once your reminders are set, you can even say 'Today's Reminders' to Rosie and she will let you know exactly what's in store for the day.

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