Talking Atomic Watch - White Face-Black Numbers-Leather and Expansion Band

Style: Black Leather
Sale price$89.95


It Announces the Time and Even Sets Itself
  • Announces time, date, day of week, alarm status, etc.
  • Automatically sets itself, adjusts for Daylight Savings
  • Large (approx. 1.25" diam.) face with bold black numbers
  • Analog display with sweep second hand
  • Printed Operating Instructions are included

Enjoy the convenience of hearing the time announced at the press of a button and of never having to set your watch. The Reizen Atomic Talking Watch features a clear announcement of time, date, day of week, alarm status and more in a male voice. Plus, it even sets itself, including adjusting for daylight savings time, so you don't have to worry about it.

It also offers a large face with bold black numbers and hands for easy viewing. It's the perfect choice for the blind and those with low vision. This model has a white face with bold black numbers, a chrome/gray bezel and leather band.

Note to skin allergy sufferers: This watch case is made of type 304L stainless steel.

- Announces time, date, day of week and alarm status
- Hourly chime/time announcement (can be turned off)
- Audible cues help you navigate through alarm setting and other functions
- Clear male voice
- Large (approx. 1.25" diam.) face with bold black numbers
- Thick black hour and minute hands

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