2022 Low Vision Jumbo Print Calendar
The calendar measures 17” wide by 22” open, the numbers measure 1” high. This is a Low Vision Calendar with big bold print on the numbers and letters. It has plenty of room to write below the dates to keep...
$10.95 $4.95
Bold Writing Pen
Easy-to-see & read with high-visibility, black ink. Bold point produces highly legible line width - ideal for low vision & visually impaired Flexible fiber point gives you extra precision with your writing or drawing. The water-based inks dry quickly so you...
$1.29 $0.99
Jumbo Playing Cards Single Pack (Color May Vary)
Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards (the Numbers and letters are bigger not card)
1 3/8 inch playing cards.
Suits are easily identified by colors: black, red, green and blue! Letters and numerals measure 1 3/8" in size.
$6.95 $5.95
Portable Talking Digital Clock
Talking and Digital alarm clock. 1. Time 2. Alarm 3. Hourly chime. 4.Snooze 5.Time Display
$29.95 $9.95
2X LED Magnifier Desk Lamp with 5X power spot lens
The LED Magnifier Desk Lamp also has a flexible goose neck that allows you to position the magnifier where you need it. Perfect low vision reading aid for books, menus, magazines, newspapers, etc. Versatile hands-free magnifier for crafts, hobby, inspection,...
$56.95 $49.95
Sold Out
Topaz 22" Used Low Vision Machine Freedom Scientific
The Low Vision Vision Store is family owned and run for the last 30 years.  We have a variety of products for the vision impaired.  We carry new and used products.  Items sold are non returnable.  If you have any...
$1,795.00 $995.00
Used Optelec 24" HD Desktop Video Magnifier
Used Optelec 24" Desktop Video Magnifier: It has been checked over and is good working condition.  Controls are:  Larger and smaller Magnification-(up to 45X) Color select options. (Black and White, White and Black ) Automatic Focus Writing under the machine. (checks and...
Used Topaz 24" HD Low Vision Desktop Video Magnifier
 Used Topaz 24" HD Desktop Video Magnifier: It has been checked over and is good working condition.   Controls are:  Bigger and smaller Magnification-(up to 45X) Color selects options. (Black and White, White and Black and more) Automatic Focus Writing under the...
$3,295.00 $1,795.00
Used 24" ONYX HD Deskset Freedom Scientific
This is a used video magnifier from Freedom Scientific, it has been checked over and is in good working condition. Features: Magnification up to 45X Brightness control Full Color mode for seeing pictures Reading modes black and white, white on...
$2,795.00 $1,795.00
Used MagniLink Zip 17" with battery
This is a used Magnilink Zip 17" with a battery. It's easy to fold and unfold the system and to carry it between different locations. A battery with up to 5 h operation time .   Controls are:  Larger and smaller Magnification-(up to 45X)...
$3,695.00 $1,395.00
Used Acrobat Mini Enhanced Vision
The Used Acrobat Mini: See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat HD-mini ultra. Full high definition allows you to experience vivid colors and contrast, giving you a beautiful crystal clear picture and vibrant display. Its small footprint and lightweight design provides true portability...
$2,595.00 $1,595.00
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