6 products
The Low Vision Store Large Print and talking calculators.
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Cooking Aids

31 products
Collection of different cooking aids from measuring cups and spoons, timers, over guards, cook books and more.
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Daily Living Aids

57 products
Daily Living Aids that can help people with vision impairment including paper, pens, guides, calendars, check registers, cooking, medical,Television and more.
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Bold Pens

3 products
Bold Writing Pens with no bleeding of other side of the paper.
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21 products
List of Large Face and talking clocks.  Including many different variety of voices, displays and more.
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Blindness Products

9 products
Braille Displays, Notetakers, Printers, Brailliant, Focus, Braille Note, Mantis and more.
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15 products
The Low Vision Store collection of lamps desk and floor, hand flash lights and head worn lamps.
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Braille Daily Living

13 products
The Low Vision Store has a selection of Braille Daily living aids: including Labelers, tape and more.
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