Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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Blue light blocking glasses can protect our eyes from the harmful visible blue light rays that are emitted by our electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.  They can also help block the light emitted by higher Kelvin (5,000+) LED light bulbs.  Visible blue light is dangerous for our eyes because it can damage our retinas and contribute to debilitating conditions such as macular degeneration.  Blue light can also badly interrupt our sleep cycles and our circadian rhythms.  With blue light blocking glasses, you can reduce eye strain and headaches, as well as protect your eyes from harmful light.

Our black framed glasses are available with no magnification, or in higher reading powers of 3X and 4X.  Glasses measure 5.4" from outside temple to temple and are 2" across at the widest part of the lens. 

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