Sewing Machine Magnifier
This is a rectangular magnifier measures 2"x3" and adheres to your sewing machine  2X magnification.
Needle Threader for Sewing Machine
Needle Threader for Sewing Machine - Every owner of a sewing machine needs this eye and time-saving device. This needle threader for sewing machines is sure to make sewing easier for those with vision impairments. Practical and easy to handle,...
Needle Threader
 This low vision needle threader is the ideal way to zip right through all your sewing projects! 
Automatic Needle Threader (color may vary)
Threading Needles Is Easier Thread large or thin needles automatically Designed for simple operation with a push of a button Single or double threading Color may vary
Adjustable Seam Guide-Magnetic
This magnetic sewing aid fits any machine with metal plate. Achieve straight, even seams and top stitching every time with this magnetic seam stitching guide. Makes sewing easier and saves time.
Sewing Needles Side Threading Needles Set of 12
To thread these sewing needles, simply make a loop around the needle and tighten it. Then pull the tightened loop into the opening on the side of the eye.
Self-Threading - No. 90/14 Needles for Heavyweight Fabric
 No. 90 Needles for Heavyweight Fabric - Now those with low vision can stop squinting and straining, and get back to what they love most, sewing!  These low vision sewing machine needles provide effortless threading, as they automatically thread themselves....
Wire Loop Needle Threader
Wire Loop Needle Threader – Don't let dexterity or low vision stop you from sewing. This needle threader makes needle threading easier. 
Button Hooks -Large, Deluxe
Enables the one handed or those with poor dexterity to do up buttons. The deluxe models are mounted in our comfort grip.
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