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Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards- Package of 2

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  • 18 long for extensive coverage
  • Fits all standard oven racks
  • Safe up to 500° F
  • Easy to install/remove with built-in snaps
  • Machine washable, tumble dry low

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards- Package of 2 - Don't get burned! Oven Rack Guard offers protection against burns that can result if you accidentally touch or brush against hot oven racks. Made from fabric first developed for firefighters, the Oven Rack Guard protects you by slowing the heat transfer from metal oven racks to your skin. This kitchen safety accessory snaps easily onto the front rail of most oven racks. If the safety oven guard becomes dirty, simply place it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. This kitchen safety accessory is not intended for use under the broiler, during cleaning cycles or to pull out a hot oven rack. The Oven Rack Guard is a must-have for all home and professional chefs.

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