Onyx Deskset OCR Magnifier with Text to speech

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The ONYX OCR magnifies and reads aloud any document. The clear voice, magnification and high contrast makes reading so much easier. Comfortably change your focus from reading magnified texts yourself, to letting the ONYX OCR read them to you when reading becomes too tiring. Just place your document under the fixed OCR camera on the left and activate the speech function. Enjoy listening to any document as it is read aloud by a high quality voice, without straining your eyes. This four-in-one solution integrates two separate cameras: one for transforming text to speech output and one for magnifying documents and observing the room around you. This way, you can clearly see what you want, whether it is across the room or at your desk!

The ONYX OCR is a video magnifier for users who want to combine magnification and speech. The self-contained design integrates two cameras and a 24-inch touch screen. It allows you to view a full letter page on screen, and to magnify materials up to 131 times.

The ONYX OCR combines the perks of several video magnifiers in one design. With this four-in-one solution, you can magnify text on your desk, write, work on hobbies, view images from a distance, view yourself, and even listen to documents as they are read aloud! You can comfortably switch between reading magnified text and listening to documents. Just place your document under the fixed OCR camera on the left side of the magnifier, tap the touch screen and enjoy listening to the text, without straining your eyes.

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Jeanne emrich

I am so grateful to Erick Nelson for introducing me to the Onyx CCTV. After he showed me how to work its primary features, I was able to take it home and use it right away. Every day I find more uses for it, both practical and creative. The magnification is impressive and enables me to read the smaller print. It also has a text to voice feature which makes reading length letters and bills much easier. My Onyx has a 24 inch monitor with the video camera projecting out from the top of it. I am an artist, and as a result to this video setup, I am able to paint on canvas directly below the monitor. Yes! If you enjoy a hobby or craft, you will be able to continue doing it with the aid of this CCTV. The store is right on University Avenue and you can park within feet of the front door. By the way, the store is next door to the State Services for the Blind. Definitely worth checking out.

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