Blind Shell Introduction - The Low Vision Store
Are you looking for a phone that is more than a basic flip phone, but
not a complicated smart phone like an iPhone or Android phone?  Have
you tried to use an iPhone or Android phone, but find the touch screen
and its gestures just too complicated?  Are you looking for a phone
with physical buttons that are tactile?  If you answered yes to any of
these questions or are just interested in the latest entry in the
accessible phone space than you need to join Steve Zent and Erick
Nelson from the Low Vision Stor for a detailed look at the Blind Shell
Classic 2 phone.
The Blind Shell 2 is a smart phone without the complicated touch
screen interface.  It offers both a large print display and complete
voice output of all of the phone's functions.  The phone is menu
driven, making it very easy to learn and use.  It also features an
extensive voice command feature which allows the user to use their
voice to dial a number or contact, dictate text messages, launch
various apps, and so much more.
The Blind Shell 2 has a wide range of applications both native to the
phone and additional apps that can be downloaded from the Blind Shell
app store.  There are around four dozen apps available through the
Blind Shell app store and all of them are available at no additional
charge to Blind Shell 2 phone users.

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