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Real Sam Pocket

Real Sam Pocket

Today it would seem as though there are two types of cell phones: the basic flip phone or the “smart”
phone such as the iPhone or the Android line of phones. Both flip and smart phones have been
accessible to people who have low vision or who are totally blind for many years. Flip phones often lack
the features that consumers want and smart phones can be overwhelming to many people because of
their smooth glass touch screens.
I am often asked “do you know of a phone where I can just speak into it to get the information or
functions that I want?” Until now, I would usually say something like—I can get you a phone where you
can perform voice dialing along with a few other functions. I might also say something like—well get
yourself an iPhone and just use Seri. Neither of these options is ideal though. Flip phones are very
limited in there range of functions and although the iPhone has Seri, you still need to interact with the
touch screen.
Real Sam Pocket has now changed everything. Real Sam Pocket is a smart phone that can be operated
entirely by using your voice. All you need to do is touch the bottom portion of the screen, you will hear
a double beep at which point you can issue a command. You can say things such as: call mom, dial 888-
888-8888, what time is it, what is the weather forecast, where am I, what is around me, and so much
more. The point of Real Sam Pocket is that the user does not need hours of training to become fluent in
the use of the device. Real Sam Pocket can also be set up and configured just by using your voice.
Furthermore, if you would like to interact directly with the touch screen, you can do so with complete
audio feedback. The list of apps and features for Real Sam Pocket is extensive and includes: a contact
manager, GPS system, video magnifier, OCR, media manager for things such as podcasts, internet radio,
and newspapers, and much more. Real Sam Pocket also supports WIFI and Bluetooth. It can be used on
both the CMA and GSM networks.
The staff of the Low Vision Store is proud to be able to offer this new technology to our customers.
For more information contact:
The Low Vision Store
2200 University AVE. w
STE 200
St. Paul MN, 55114
Phone: 651-203-2200
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