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The New LyriQ text to speech product - The Low Vision Store

The New LyriQ text to speech product


The LyriQ Text-to-Speech Reader is the latest offering in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

The LyriQ is easy to use. All the user needs to do is place a printed page on top of the device, and within three seconds, LyriQ will read the document.
The LyriQ has a rechargeable battery which will run for up to twelve hours on a charge.

The device can also be used while plugged in and charging. This is the most portable desktop scanner available.

The LyriQ weighs about three pounds and folds into a relatively flat package that easily fits in a backpack or computer bag. Taking LyriQ to a meeting where you might need to scan printed documents in real-time would not be unrealistic.
Learning to use the LyriQ can be as easy as learning how to position the document onto the device and learning where a few buttons are located and their functions.

If you desire, an advanced keypad can be purchased, which will provide the user with features such as saving documents, batch scanning, and exporting documents to an external thumb drive.

The LyriQ has Bluetooth, enabling users to pair their favorite headphones or speakers. It also contains a 3.5 mm headphone/audio
out jack.
If you are familiar with the SARA CE from Freedom Scientific, think of the LyriQ as a faster, more portable
version of that device. Freedom Scientific had to discontinue the SARA CE earlier this year; the LyriQ is an excellent replacement for the SARA OCR.

The Low Vision Store is thrilled to be able to bring the LyriQ to you. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

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