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Thew New Hable One Braille Keyboard. - The Low Vision Store

Thew New Hable One Braille Keyboard.

The Low Vision Store is please to notify our customers that we are now distributing the Hable One Braille Keyboard. The Hable is a pocket size device with an eight key Braille keyboard. With this keyboard, the user can fully control their iOS or Android phone or tablet.
The Hable Keyboard is perfect for the person who loves the versatility of their smart phone or tablet but does not like interacting with the touch screen. About the size of an iPhone 6, the Hable connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. The keyboard is held such that the keys are facing away from you.
Dots one through six are arranged in two vertical rows of three dots. Your left-hand controls dots one, two, and three. Your right-hand controls dots four, five, and six. Dot Seven is to the left of dots one, two,
and three and dot eight is to the right of dots four, five, and six. The user Braille's in a similar manner to the way in that you would use Braille screen input.
Paired with a smart phone and Bluetooth headset or earpiece, the Hable provides a completely autonomous user experience. The phone can be unlocked, interacted with and relocked without even taking the phone out of a pocket, purse, or bag. With the Hable there is no more rushing to enter numbers
into phone trees where you are directed to enter your social security number, for example. When you encounter a prompt where you need to enter a number, just Braille the number on the Hable.
Usine combinations of dots seven and eight along with single letter shortcuts, the entire operating system
of the phone or tablet can be seamlessly controlled. For example, by holding down dot seven and repeatedly pressing dot eight, the user can move from application to application. If this process is
reversed, the user can move backward through the screen of applications. By pressing dots 1, 2, and 5, the user can immediately go to the home screen from anywhere. These are just a couple of examples of how easy navigation with the Hable can be. The Hable has a long-lasting battery which will provide up to fifty hours of service on a single charge.
The Hable charges completely in about three hours. Constructed of durable light weight polymer you will not experience fatigue while using the device for extended periods of time.
See for yourself how the Hable One keyboard can make you far more productive with your smart phone or tablet than you ever imagined possible.
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