Large Print Crossword Puzzle

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Features • Great for the visually impaired • Large word type, generously sized grids, easily seen numbers • 125 puzzles in every 288-page book 

The challenge of crossword puzzles should be in solving them, not in trying to read them. Challenging for the brain, but not hard on the eyes, these cunning puzzles will really please. Another in this great series, covering a variety of subjects and offering a real test of your word smarts. Crosswords can keep the mind sharp, but if your sight has weakened through the years, or if you're vision-impaired, you might have to strain to read both the words of the clues and the numbers in the boxes. That can be frustrating--and cause even the most determined puzzlers to put down the crossword. Not anymore, because every one of these large-print puzzles--125 crosswords in each collection--takes two pages, so they're easy to see and to fill out. Paperback: 288 pages. Weight: 1.8 pounds.

If you have ordered one of the books before please let us know what number so we can make sure you receive a different one.

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