Micro-Speak Plus Talking Digital Voice Recorder

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At just 4.4 inches by 2.4 inches and 1 inch thick the Micro-Speak Plus (8GB 2nd Generation) is a newly released portable digital voice recorder that combines smart design with ease of use and still offers high quality performance at a reasonable price. Micro-Speak Plus is packed with useful features including specifically designed software that provides spoken prompts and beeps to assist Blind, low-vision, and visually impaired users. Its /GB of built in memory allows you 96 hours of high quality recordings. 

The Micro-Speak Plus enables you to record with the simple press of a button and then playback your recording immediately through its built-in speaker. High Definition recordings are created in uncompressed WAV format which will ensure impressive results for unlimited speaking and listening activities. The Micro-Speak Plus can also assist you with practicing a new language, hearing your pronunciation and how well you enunciate when speaking, why you could even record instructions to card games or other fun activities. Bear in mind that this unit is also great for notes to self, recording phone numbers and addresses, recording meetings or doctor visits. This is a wonderful small and easy to use portable recording device. 

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